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Traffic Management
and Staging

Crossroads Civil Design has extensive experience in the planning and design of Traffic Control Plans.

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Civil Design & Engineering

Crossroads Civil Design designs subdivision layouts to suit the clients requirement as well as councils.

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Road Safety Audits

Crossroads Civil Design has carried out Road Safety Audits for many different situations such as intersections, districts, sections of road and for trends in crash patterns.

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About Us

Crossroads Civil Design Pty Ltd is a privately owned multi-disciplinary consulting firm based in Newcastle. The Company provides a range of services to our customers, including the project management of infrastructure projects, all aspects of civil design, we can also provide recourses for our clients if they require environmental management, community education campaigns, community consultation, group facilitation and risk management.

The quality of our work and the good relationships that we develop with our customers creates repeat business and a good reputation within the industry. Where appropriate, we develop alliances with other companies to deliver products and services.


Our Aim

Crossroads Civil Design aims “to be the first choice provider of consulting services” and “to exceed the expectations of its clients and other stakeholders every time”. The company recognises that quality and completion on time within budget are key indicators of its performance. "Getting it right first time" enhances the Company's reputation with its clients and increases its competitiveness.“

Steven Yarnold, Director

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